The biggest and most important day of any young woman’s life is her wedding day. This is the idea that is built up by a lifetime of family expectations, personal dreams and even Hollywood romance movies. When it comes time to plan her own fairy-tale wedding, reality rears its ugly head.

Wedding planning can be highly stressful. There are so many things to consider, organize, prepare and pay for. A longer engagement can give you more relaxed time for planning. Make a working list and tackle a few tasks every week and it will not be as overwhelming.

One of the biggest stresses is the wedding budget. A dream wedding can be a financial nightmare, and even the average ceremony and reception party costs around $20,000. That is simply out of reach for many couples, and sticking to a budget is a necessity. Try not to give into temptation if you can truly not afford it.

As wedding plan gets underway, the budget can get used up quickly if you are not careful. Plan every purchase before laying down the funds, and save money wherever possible. A couple should not start life together spending more than they have to and creating more financial struggles for themselves.

Many money-saving options are available to help you along the way:

Wedding Reception:

The reception venue is often the biggest expense on your bid day. Limiting your guest list helps, such as inviting only immediate family and very close friends.

Bridal Gown:

Shop sales, look for discount shops and consider buying a pre-owned wedding dress. Even thrift shops have wedding dresses on hand sometimes and they can offer super discounts. It is cheaper to have a few alterations done than it is to buy a tailor-made gown for your wedding day. Also, consider letting bridesmaids buy their own style of dress in the same color rather than ordering specialty dresses for them.


A home computer and color printer can create beautiful wedding invitations at a very low rate. Many styles of specialty wedding-themed paper are available with matching envelopes. These can look just as beautiful as purchased invitations.

Catering and Drinks:

An open bar and elegant five-course meal may make for a memorable wedding reception dinner, but it is both very expensive and not what the guests will remember about your special day. Use a small catering company and serve a meal buffet style to save money. If allowed by the venue, bring your own alcohol for the bar. A great way to save on drinks is by limiting alcohol to special toasts and offer soft drinks the rest of the time.


Professional photographers can cost thousands of dollars. Find inexpensive package deals that cover just the ceremony and family and wedding party shots afterwards. Friends and family can use digital cameras of their own to catch memories of the reception party afterward.


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