Wedding favors are such little things in the grand scheme of wedding planning, but they must be allocated for in the budget just like all the larger expenditures. Wedding favors are important to show guests you appreciate them coming to celebrate your special day with you. Problems arise if couples wait for the last minute to buy favors, or if there is a large number of people at the wedding party. Set a budget for wedding favors and shop carefully to save money overall.

The most expensive parts of planning a wedding reception include renting the venue and hiring a great caterer to provide food for all the guests. Flowers, transportation and the photographer can raise the price of your wedding considerably too. These big purchases are not the only things to think about when budgeting. Wedding favor costs can add up quickly. While each piece may be very inexpensive, multiply that by the number of guests and they can cost several hundreds of dollars. A party with 500 guests requires 500+ wedding favors and, even at a dollar per piece, that is $500 total.

Make a realistic estimate of the number of guests who will attend the wedding reception. This number can be very different than the number you invite, as out of town family members may not attend at all. Leaving wedding favor purchasing till you have some RSVPs can help, but do not wait too long or you could miss out on deals. Purchase enough favors to cover all expected family and friends plus extra just in case. You don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Once you come up with a working total, the budget can be created in two different ways. Figure out the overall amount you are willing to spend on all favors, then divide by the total number of expected guests to find the per piece price to shop for. The other option involves jumping right into the shopping around part. Find wedding favors you find attractive and that you would be proud to give out to guests as a token of your gratitude and remembrance. Then multiple the cost of each by the number of guests to see if the total works for you. Consider less expensive options of something you really like if the overall price tag is too high.

There are tricks to getting a large number of wedding favors for less money than you planned to spend without sacrificing quality of the gift. A bride and groom would love to give away truly wonderful favors to every guest to show how grateful they are that the family member or friend came to share their special day with them.

Look for wedding favor distributors who deal in bulk orders. Contact them to see if there are any price breaks that will get a better deal. The lowest price may not be advertised on the website or offered in a retail shop. Consider shopping for clearance items or discontinued styles. These are always less expensive, but you could run into the problem of not having enough of one type of wedding favor for all your guests. Either shop at multiple locations or consider offering two different favors. Your guests may prefer one over the other anyway. Another option is to get together with crafty friends and make wedding favors yourself.

If not careful, wedding favors can take a big chunk out of the wedding day budget. Do not skimp on style, but shop around for the best prices and get creative to save your money.


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