Setting the wedding budget is the most important job when you plan your wedding day and reception. These are very expensive events, with the average American wedding coming in at more than $20,000. That doesn’t even include any honeymoon trips the couple may take afterward. This may sound like a huge amount for a one-day event, but realize that many weddings cost much more than this.

A wedding and reception budget can never be too big, as long as it fits within the limits of your personal finances. Formal, all-day and night weddings in ballrooms with full catered meals and a live band will require a much larger budget than potluck at your parents’ house. When every aspect of the wedding day and reception goes up in price, such as music, food and decorations, the budget can skyrocket.

Summer weddings are generally more expensive, since those months are the most popular to get married in. High demand and limited venues at hotels and ballrooms mean higher prices. Expect to pay a premium price if you must get married in a trendy location during the hotter months of the summer.

The sheer number of family and friends you invite to the wedding, the higher the cost will be. Food, drink and space in the venue you choose will all increase in price according to the amount of guests. Consider saving money by having a buffet meal rather than a sit-down multiple course meal.

Weddings in certain locations can be much more expensive. This largely depends on the cost of living and everything else in places like New York or Los Angeles. Travel vacations to exotic tropical countries or Europe can be excessively pricey once you add in travel costs.

The average couple’s wedding budget doesn’t include everything they ever dreamed of, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful and memorable wedding. Compromise, change schedules or find more sources for funds.

The bride and groom should work on building a wedding budget together. Involve an parents or family members that are paying part or all of the bill as well. In many cases, the bride’s family is called upon to cover most of the expenses, although this tradition is practiced less frequently these days. The bride and groom are ultimately responsible for all their wedding expenses.


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