Most couples do not think their wedding favors will be a large part of the overall wedding budget. Each piece they buy will be very inexpensive on its own, but multiplied by the sheer number of people attending the wedding will make the overall amount go up considerably. Favors with higher per-unit prices could stretch the budget even more. With all the expenses of renting a wedding hall, hiring caterers, a band of DJ and paying for all the food, you don’t want to spend a lot on pricey wedding favors too.

Take for an example a wedding reception that will have 500 guests attending. The bride and groom want to have a wedding favor available for each person to take home as a memento of the special day. A $2.00 wedding favor will bring the overall price to just $1,000. Raise the unit price to $10.00 for a silver photo frame or such and the cost is $5,000, a considerable chunk of a wedding budget! If you are having a much smaller wedding, the more expensive wedding favors may be more reasonable, but it is still very possible to find plenty of quality wedding favors under $1.00 per piece to help keep the wedding budget low. Consider some of the following ideas for budget-friendly wedding favors.

One great option is to allow your guests to take home the place card holder than identified their seat at the wedding reception. While these holders could be much more expensive, there are plenty of attractive options that can cost less than $1.00. Not only are they a vital part of the wedding reception décor, making them a fun and meaningful type of favor, they can be used as photo or card holders by the guests once they get home again.

Other inexpensive wedding favor options include pretty key-chains, candy bars with printed labels specific to the newly married couple, coasters, small picture frames and bookmarks. All of these items can be purchased in bulk from wedding, hobby and craft style stores for less than $1.00 per unit.

Small boxes, tins or pretty bags containing mints or other candies make popular wedding favors. These containers can be found in many places for less than $1.00 per unit, and a bulk bag of candy is inexpensive as well. Many are printed with cute tuxedo and gown patterns, hearts, roses or any other romantic and meaningful symbols. You can even get tins with flowers in your wedding colors, or fill them with special colored candies too.

Always shop around for wedding favors under $1.00 per favor. Clearance sales and closeout items can offer a great way to save money on these important gifts. Discontinued items are ones a distributor doesn’t intend to stock again, and may be available in limited quantities for very low prices. If they do not have enough on hand to meet the needs for your number of guests, consider offering multiple types of wedding favors that match in some way: color or theme perhaps. Different guests might like other items better anyway. If that doesn’t work, search for a different distributor who may offer the same favor. At least you will get a large quanitity of your wedding favors for a great discount.


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