A couple who are about to be married would find it hard to break the budget with wedding invitations. Finding the most beautiful or elegant invitation styles should be fun and less stressful than other aspects of preparing for the big day. The wedding budget must be followed, however, and wedding invitation costs can take away from other things that make more of an impact, such as the bridal gown or decorations. Consider shopping for deals online to save time and money that could be better used for other things in the wedding plan.

Wedding invitations should match the theme, color scheme and tone of the marriage ceremony and reception. The invitation must give enough information and set the mood of the wedding event so that all guests know what to expect. This helps them dress appropriately whether the wedding will be casual or formal, and lets them know what will be available when it comes to food, drink and comfort. Invitations can not only tell all this information straight out, but give clues by their style: embossed and elegant for a formal wedding or whimsical and colorful for a more casual affair.

The bride and groom to be should include reply cards with the wedding invitations they send out. It is just as important as the invitation and should include all possible information so the couple knows exactly who is attending. A RSVP card should include lines for the guests’ names, whether they will attend the wedding and reception and any special needs, such as handicap accessibilities or special food choices due to allergy. This is a great place to remind guests of special rules such as no children at the wedding. Every reply card should have a self-addressed and stamped envelope so they can send it back.

A wedding invitation envelope should include everything a guest needs to know about the ceremony, reception and the area, especially for family and friends coming in from out of town. Include a few hotel recommendations or a website they can use to search for their own arrangements. Guests are more comfortable and ready to celebrate if they know what is available for their comfort. Adding any of this information will not change the wedding budget much, if at all, but will go a long way to make guests feel appreciated and welcome.

Whether fancy tissue paper and satin embossed or home-printed wedding brochures on romance-themed paper, wedding invitations should both set the tone of the celebration and provide important information to the potential guests. Make it easy for the family and friends to accept the invitation and let you know with an included reply card. Even the smallest wedding budget can include wonderful wedding invitations


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