Creating a beautiful wedding reception style on a budget does not have to be difficult. Couples who do not want to spend a lot can still have great decorations, beautiful centerpieces and wonderful wedding favors for their guests. Consider the following tips and tricks to ramp up the beauty and style without emptying the wallet.

This article covers some unique tips and tricks to make your wedding ceremony and reception both beautiful and affordable.

1 – Rented tents and pavilions can be made extra special with the addition of sheer fabric, tulle strips and wide ribbons in colors that match the wedding’s theme. Instead of spending extra on a fancy wedding tent, get a plain white one and decorate the poles, doorways and windows with swags and bows of ribbon and fabric.

2 – Flowers often take up to 15% of the wedding day budget when you factor in bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, floral decorations and table centerpieces. Instead of purchasing fresh flowers from professional florist shops for every application, consider mixing the live flowers with silk or dried options to save money. Other options involve using all fake flowers that can be remade into a home decoration for the bride and groom after the wedding.

3 – For added ambience and fun at the wedding reception, forgo 100 white doves or massive ice sculptures which will cost many hundreds of dollars. Instead, buy bulk rose petals, either real or silk, and scatter them around the entrance, edges of the room or in the middle of the tables. Bubble machines can be rented for a small amount and create a fun atmosphere.

4 – Forget renting tablecloths and table settings and buy less expensive options the bride and groom can use for future parties or in their everyday home. Plain plates and glasses can be very inexpensive and just as lovely as fancier designs. Even sturdy acrylic options can create a beautiful wedding table. Accent the table settings with attractive leaves, pretty paper doilies or fancy napkin rings.

5 – Centerpieces should be low enough for guests to easy see each other and chat across the table. Traditionally, these are fashioned from fresh flowers, but that can be very expensive. Candles are the next most popular option. Consider a collection of sparkling glass votive holders, a few silk blossoms, ribbon bows or even faux fruit as centerpieces instead. These can be arranged casually or displayed on a glass or metal dish for added elegance.

6 – Place cards can double as wedding favors for each guest. Consider piping the guest’s name on a large sugar cookie, wrapping it in cellophane with a pretty ribbon and setting it by their table spot. Other options include personalized bags of color theme candy with the guest’s name written on the ribbon or small picture frames with their name where the picture will go later.

7 – Save on the wedding cake by combining bakery confections rather than ordering a multi-tier, heavily decorated cake. Instead, order a much smaller wedding cake complete with decorations you love, and place it on top of a larger sheet cake iced in the same manner. This cuts down on cost considerably and makes sure you will have enough cake for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Some creativity and great tips like these will help you create a wedding reception filled with beautiful detail without breaking the budget.


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