Wedding rings symbolize the eternal love of the couple getting married and will be worn every day for the rest of their lives together. Traditionally, this ring was a simple, unbroken band of silver, gold or other precious metal, but modern styles include precious stones and much more customization to fit every personal taste. Wedding rings need to fit three things: your finger, your style and your budget.

Yellow gold, either in 10, 14, 18 or 24 karat gold, is the most common metal used in wedding ring sets. The most durable and least expensive is 10kt gold as it is mixed with the most other metals. Twenty-four karat gold is the purest, most easily damaged and most expensive. They can all create beautiful wedding rings, so metal choice offers great options for affordability.

White gold is another popular option for people who do not like the yellow gold color. Platinum is an increasingly popular, more expensive option as well. For the extremely budget conscious, sterling silver is a great option for wedding ring sets. A wide silver band can retail for as little as $50 and a couple can find more detailed bands and rings with stones as well in any price range. Sterling silver may require more polishing than gold to keep looking like new, but it definitely stands the test of time and will last the whole marriage through.

The white diamond is, by far, the most traditional of all precious stones to grace wedding rings with their sparkling beauty. Depending on their clarity, color and karat size, diamond can be very affordable for brides and grooms on a budget too. Do not be constrained by tradition if it doesn’t suit you, however. Other precious and semi-precious stones such as sapphire, pink tourmaline, ruby and even the bride’s birthstone make lovely options.

Not only do you have to choose a beautiful ring to grace the bride’s finger, but the size must be perfect as well. Most women know their ring size, but it can be measured easily at a quality jeweler. Often, a jewelry store does not have the perfect sized band on hand for each person who buys a wedding ring. Both gold and sterling silver rings can be resized. This usually does not cost much extra money unless the size must be increased dramatically with the addition of more precious metal.

Choosing the right wedding rings for both bride and groom can be a long process of exploring different styles, metal and gemstone options and prices. Search online or visit jewelry wholesalers in your area if you want to save money on the purchase. Retail shops can give you wonderful ideas about the options available and often have sales to help you keep within your wedding ring budget. While it is never a good idea to go into debt for wedding rings, remember that these tokens of love and togetherness are designed to last an entire lifetime. If you fall in love with a particular jewelry design, consider layaway or a payment plan so you can proudly show off the wedding ring gracing your finger.


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