Introduction to wedding cakesOn the sweetest day of a couple’s life, their wedding day, it makes sense to serve the sweetest confections to family and friends. Wedding cakes are a vital part of any western wedding celebration.

The wedding cake is a focal point of every reception celebration. The cake is often displayed on a beautifully decorated table with special cake knife, platter and serving utensils. .

Style, colors and size of the wedding cake should go with the wedding party itself. It reflects the bride and groom’s tastes and favorites. Budget often decides just how large or elaborate the cake can be since expert bakers and decorators must be chosen for a stellar finished product. There are so many options available in flavor and design that any couple should be able to find something they are proud to serve their guests at the wedding reception without breaking their personal budget.

Everything about the cake speaks of generosity and prosperity, from the lavish decoration on it to the huge size suitable for the amount of guests at the wedding. It should match the venue, color scheme and decorations used in the wedding reception.

Most people remember images of brides and grooms sharing the piece of wedding cake, some with delicate bites on pretty silver forks and others more messy and fun. After this first taste, the guests are served with a piece of the cake. Tradition says that part of the wedding cake should be preserved for the couple to eat on their first anniversary.

While a traditional wedding cake appears as multiple tiers of white-frosted elegance, many couples are turning to less classic styles and prefer other colors and tastes. A single type of cake and frosting can be used for all the layers, but offering different layers can cater to guests with different tastes or ones who might be allergic to chocolate or a certain filling. Miniature individual guest cakes are also becoming popular.

Wedding cakes come in almost every flavor, color and design you can imagine. Some popular choices include cheesecake, mousse-filled cakes, fruitcake and chocolate with white icing on top. Many cakes are filled with creams, icing, custard, and fruit fillings. A cake topper usually depicts the happy bride and groom and flowers, filigrees and pipings of sweet icing decorate the tiers.

The tradition of cutting and sharing a wedding cake makes the occasion memorable and something to be cherished by all the family and friends of the couple for many years to come.

Wedding cakes symbolize everything special about a marriage: sweetness, prosperity and love that will bless the happy couple their whole lives through.


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