If you are handy in the kitchen, making your own wedding cake can be a great way to cut down on the financial expenses of your wedding reception. Consider getting family or friends to help if they have baking skill as well.

Choose the Right Cake

Make a plan for what type of cake you want. Peruse wedding magazines and cake books to see wMake your own wedding cakehat you really like. Be realistic about your capabilities or you may end up with a mess rather than a gorgeous wedding cake. It is easy to match any elegant cake to your wedding color scheme or theme.

Some things to consider are the size needed, how many tiers it will have and what types of flowers or decorations you plan to include. These things will determine what type of cake you can create.

Make Plans Before You Start

While looking at a picture of the cake you wish to make, or sketching it yourself, break it up into pieces in your mind. How many tiers do you need and how many can you handle constructing? Get the right number of baking pans, cake mix, flour or sugar and jars or frosting and icing. Shop for decorations such as flowers and the all-important cake topper. You may find getting a bakery to do it for you costs about the same.

A great suggestion is to make a trial cake before you make the final wedding cake for your big day. This will ensure that you can actually construct and decorate the cake as you want. This cake can even be served at the pre-wedding party for the closest family and friends of the couple to be married.

Each layer of the cake should be baked separately and cooled completely before filling or icing is put on. Frosting and creams will slide off a warm cake and end up looking horrible.

Use a pastry spatula to smooth the icing all over the cake surfaces. Take your time to get everything smooth and even. If you are satisfied with the end result, you can consider it safe to bake and decorate your own cake for the wedding. Get more ingredients for the final cake.

Your wedding cake should be made the day before the reception where it will be served. It needs time to settle, especially if it has multiple tiers it will become more secure. No one has time to bake a cake the day they get married anyway. Set it aside in a cool room where no one can go near it or bother it. Ideally, it should be covered with something. It can be carefully transported to the wedding reception hall early in the morning where they will have storage coolers that can keep it safe and fresh.


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