Tips for buying wedding cakeA wedding cake only differs from any conventional cake by the size and amount of decoration on it. These cakes often consist of multiple layers, frosted in elegant white frosting, decorated with flowers or other designs and featuring a small statue of a bride and groom at the top. They must be large enough to serve all the guests at a particular wedding reception.

For those with small wedding parties and on limited budgets, wedding cakes can be very simple. On the other end of the spectrum, they can be gigantic skyscrapers of sweet confection. Each has its own designer style based on the creativity of the baker and the bride and groom’s personal tastes. It must be very delicious with all edible parts.

Consider the following tips when buying a wedding cake for your marriage celebration. It is important to choose carefully, as cutting and serving the cake is a large part of every wedding reception.

One: How Early Should You Order Your Cake?

Your favorite bakeshop may require a deposit and plan months in advance of your wedding to fit the cake baking and decorating into their busy schedule. They take a lot of time, space and effort to create, so they must make a schedule that works for them. A rushed cake might be less attractive or have some problem with it. Devote an appropriate amount of time for tasting, planning and creating the perfect wedding cake.

Two: Details and Cost of the Cake

Every tier, additional design of icing and sugar flower costs money. Get a clear picture well in advance of what the decoration for your cake will cost and how you can pay for it. Always keep within your budget, even when it comes to designing the most glorious dream of a wedding cake you have always dreamed about.

Three: Tell the Baker About the Wedding

If your wedding reception will be outside in the hot sun or at a far away location, be sure to let the bakery know about this well in advance. They may have to make special arrangements for storage and transport of the cake. It may even affect the types of decorations you can have on the cake itself, as hot sun and wind can dry them out or make them melt. The baker can do everything possible to make sure your wedding cake stands up to the environmental conditions the cake will be displayed and served in.

Four: Consider Decorating Your Own Cake

Money-conscious couples may consider decorating their own wedding cake. Order a plain wedding cake from a quality bakery and then purchase decorations from supply stores on your own. It’s an easy way to stay in your wedding budget while still creating a glamorous and delicious wedding cake. If you intend to make icing decorations, practice plenty of times first before putting them on the final cake.

No matter what your budget or wedding reception plans, it is important to take the all-important wedding cake into account. From thousand-dollar towers of white confection to home-decorated single layer chocolate cakes, a wedding cake should reflect the happy bride and groom’s personal tastes.


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