Wedding Cakes ActivitiesWhen guests arrive at the wedding reception they may take a turn around the room first, saying hi to other guests and greeting the bride and groom. Most quickly stop at the cake table where they can admire the elegant wedding cake. Later on in the festivities, the bride and groom join together in front of the room for the grand cake cutting ceremony. After all the slices of cake are handed out, the guests enjoy their pieces and it's all over. Although sharing the cake like this is a wonderful part of every wedding reception, there are many other activities you can do to make the cake cutting ceremony more fun. You can even start your own family traditions.

One common tradition in these modern times is watching the bride and groom smash cake on each other's faces. Some people may not like these types of hijinks and other, less messy traditions should be started.

Instead of the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, some couples are opting to offer wedding cupcakes instead. This is not only very attractive and a lot of fun for guests but also usually less expensive than having a large cake. All the cupcakes still follow the theme and color scheme of the wedding party and are arranged prettily on platters on the main table. Guests can get up and pick their own cupcake or a plate will be handed out by the catering staff.

If saving money is your idea of fun, cupcakes offer multiple ways to do this. Not only are the smaller cakes themselves less expensive, but catering companies and reception halls can charge a slice fee to divvy up the wedding cake and pass it out. Handing the cupcakes out yourself can save you money if you are holding your wedding reception with a tight budget.

Cupcakes also offer other opportunities for fun activities that the bride and groom can set up for their guests. Cupcakes can come in a variety of colors and you can instruct your guests to find someone with the same color cupcake and get to know them. This helps distant family members learned about new in-laws and make new friends. There is a southern tradition that says charms can be baked into the wedding cake and whoever gets one is said to have good luck in the coming year. They could also be lucky in love. With cupcakes, this practice is even easier as charms can be put into the cupcakes after baking and the frosting can be spread over them. You might like to tell your guests to beware of the charms as they sit down to eat.

Not only can you say that the charms in the wedding cupcakes mean good luck or romance for the finder, you can also create a fun atmosphere by making them do something special for the charm. This could be something silly like doing the chicken dance, or something more serious like having a dance with the bride or groom or being urged to make a toast. The activity you choose will have to do mostly with the overall formality of the wedding reception and how much fun you want to have with the wedding cake ceremony.


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