Wedding Cake DecoratingA bride and groom-to-be have so much to do to get ready for their perfect wedding day. They have spent more money than they could imagine and have dealt with sudden troubles with considerable grace. One of the more complicated and expensive things to prepare for the wedding reception is the cake. When one bride and groom was approached by their matron of honor who offered to bake and decorate their wedding cake, they had to consider carefully whether this was a good idea.

If someone offers to bake and decorate the wedding cake for you and your future husband, carefully consider whether the job is beyond their skill level or not. Unless your friend is a professional baker or cake decorator, it is important to have many examples of cakes they have made in the past before you make this decision. While it could save you a lot of money, it could also create disappointment or headaches if the cake they make is not up to your standards. A bride and groom wants everything to be perfect on their wedding day and this includes the beautiful wedding cake they will serve to their guests.

Some brides might consider making the wedding cake themselves. You can buy basic sheet cakes that are already frosted in white, place one carefully on top of the other until you achieve the height you want, and decorate the wedding cake with purchased decorations, silk or non-toxic fresh flowers. The outcome can be wonderful if you keep it simple and do not extend yourself beyond your level of skill.

When the bride and groom mentioned in the first paragraph considered accepting their matron of honor's offer, they took the following things into account. First, could their friend bake a large cake, frost it professionally and decorate it in a lovely matter? Second, would the friend get offended if the bride and groom ended up not liking the cake she made and ask for revisions?

The answer to the first question can be found by viewing cakes this lady has made before. Do you remember a special birthday or other celebration that featured a cake made and decorated by her? Does she have photographs of fancy cakes she has made in the past? Do other people remember her cakes positively? If her cake-making skills are common knowledge in your family or circle of friends, you are probably safe in letting her make your wedding cake.

The second question is a matter of personal relationship. When someone is baking and decorating a wedding cake for another, it combines a level of personal feelings with some professionalism as well. You may have to pay for the materials and ingredients to make the cake and offer a bonus for her expertise and effort as well. While this may end up being less expensive than hiring a bakery and professional cake decorator, it still can infringe on a friendship if you're not careful.


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