Wedding cake toppersWedding cake toppers traditionally depict the bride and groom in miniature, standing together at the top of the wedding cake for all the family and friends to see. They symbolize the couple coming together as one through the marriage ceremony and offering the cake to guests in appreciation.

Many options of wedding cake toppers exist, from the traditional figurines to more artistic styles. Each couple should choose one that suits their personal style, the cake itself and the colors and theme of the wedding celebration. Since they are such a focal point of the reception, follow these tips to choose the right one for you.

1 – Avoid plastic and cheap materials. With so many quality options available, there is no need for a couple to choose a cheap plastic wedding cake topper, no matter how tight the budget. Glass, ceramic, metal and even wood are other options that do not have to cost much. Make sure any material a wedding cake topper is fashioned from is safe for use on food.

2 – Use your personal style and creativity. Wedding cake toppers should show guests who you are as a couple and what your personal tastes are. If a tiny bride and groom statue doesn’t suit you, there are hundreds of other options to choose from, such as monogram or name signs, wire and bead sculpture, mini photo frames and figurines of anything that comes in pairs from sweet puppies to elegant swans. Some are even humorous including reluctant grooms or ones dressed in sports attire or couples in costumes.

3 – Save your budget by using your parents’ wedding topper for your own. This is a great way to create a family tradition as well, and definitely reminds your parents of their romantic wedding day. It is even okay to buy a used wedding cake topper online, although it would not have the same family meaning as one handed down through the generations.

No matter what wedding cake topper you choose for your special day, remember to stay within budget and pick something that represents who you are as a couple. They are not just decoration on a cake, but a public symbol of the bride and groom’s love and commitment to each other. Choose a wedding cake topper you will be happy to display in your home for many happily married years to come.


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