Beautiful and tasty wedding cakesGuests attending a wedding are guaranteed to smile when they are handed a slice of a beautifully decorated wedding cake. The cake will always play second fiddle to the beauty of the bride who is dressed to look her best on this wonderful occasion. It is, however, the cake which all the guests will be sinking their teeth into.

Deciding what type of wedding cake to serve at your reception takes careful planning and consideration. Many flavors are available to suit any taste, and many different decorations styles can be had. On your wedding day, you get to decide what your special cake will look and taste like. The bigger the cake, and the more tiers it has, the more expensive it will be. If you are operating with a tight budget, consider buying a cake that has a simpler construction and not as many decorations. It will be just as delicious as a fancier one. As long as there are enough pieces to serve all your guests, the cake is of an appropriate size. It is not traditionally necessary to offer second helpings to wedding reception guests.

A professional cake decorator works their art on a wedding cake like a painter or a sculptor does. It can take many hours of painstaking work to create all the tiny flowers, curls of icing and other decorations. The whole process is more complicated than it may appear as people make mistakes and some parts of these wedding cake might have to be redone.

Order your wedding cake well in advance of the date you will need it. Popular bakeries and cake decorators may require a deposit and a reservation up to six months in advance. A properly designed wedding cake is not something they can just whip out the week before the wedding takes place. Prior to putting down this deposit, the bride and groom should visit multiple bakeries and taste test the cake, fillings and frosting available. Bake shop should have portfolios of color photographs of wedding cakes they made in the past. This can help the couple decided exactly what to order and how best to save money on their big purchase. Make sure to ask about any additional costs involved such as storage fees or transportation costs to get the cake to the wedding reception venue.

Always let the baker and cake decorator know if you are planning an outdoor wedding, especially if the weather is very hot. Some ingredients in the frosting may have to be changed in order to prevent it melting or running in the heat of the sun. It is always best to store the wedding cake in a chilled room until the moment when you are ready to cut and serve it.

When you and your spouse-to-be are shopping for a wedding cake, it is important to take into account your personal desires, color scheme and cost. Peruse any number of wonderful books to give you ideas on how cakes can be decorated, or learn how to do it yourself to save even more money. You could also save money by purchasing plain cakes yourself and paying only a decorator to put on the finishing touches.


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