Best accessory for the wedding cakeOn a bride's special wedding day accessories help to make the perfect look that she always dreamed of. Her veil, jewelry and flowers add to the elegance of her bridal gown. The wedding cake also requires the right accessories to make it stand out at the reception when all the gathered friends and family members come to take a look and wait for their slice. The best accessory, according to anyone eager to try a piece of cake, is the knife.

Long ago traditions made decorating or even baking the cake seem unnecessary. Back then the wedding cake was broken up into small pieces and tossed over the bride as a type of blessing for prosperity and fertility. Luckily, this tradition was abandoned and everyone at the wedding reception now gets to eat the cake. This has led to the new tradition of baking the largest cakes possible and decorated them with many flowers and other accents fashioned from frosting, sugar and other materials.

A bride must plan carefully if she is to have the perfect wedding cake to serve guests. If you are an accomplished baker, consider baking your own wedding cake to save money. You can either hire a decorator to put the frosting and all the decorations on the cake, or you can purchase pre made decorations and stick them on as you see fit. If you have neither the skill nor the time to bake a cake for your own wedding, and no family members or friends are able to either, you must find a professional bakery and cake decorator to help.

Most couples have an idea about what they want their wedding cake to look like, what flavor they want it to be and what type of accessories they want included with it. These can include real or faux flowers that must be taken off before eating, beads or metal decorations and the all-important wedding cake topper.

A quality bakery will offer many varieties of cake: vanilla chocolate, lemon, cheesecake and carrot. Marbled cakes with both vanilla and chocolate are also popular. Tempt your guests’ taste buds with a selection of fillings to go between the cake layers. These can include: vanilla or chocolate pudding, strawberry or other fruit jams, and rich frosting in a variety of flavors. Classic decoration options include flowers such as rosebuds and daisies and geometric shapes like lines and dots. Themed weddings may have anything else on the cake as well such as fairies, autumn leaves or even sports team emblems.

After baking the cake and decorating it with icing as you see fit, the wedding cake accessories must be chosen. The first and possibly most important, is the wedding cake topper. This is traditionally a small figurine of a bride and groom standing next to each other. Any statues that indicate a pair of something or any symbol having to do with romance and love, such as elegant swans or hearts, are also used extensively. The wedding cake topper should be chosen to reflect the bride and groom’s personal style and, if a couple statue is used, their appearance as well. The finishing touches include a specialty cake knife and fork to help the couple serve the first piece of cake to each other. These utensils can become a staple of all be special occasions the bride and groom shares together for the rest of their lives.


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