Do start shopping for your wedding dress well before the set date. Two weeks before your bid day is too late by far. Not only do you need time to find the perfect gown, but alterations need to be done to get the perfect fit.

Do all your research before you buy anything. Search online for the best sales offers and comparison shop styles before heading out to the shops. This can save a lot of time and energy.

Do visit wedding dress specialty shops. Wedding boutiques employ people who know exactly how a gown should properly fit and what styles flatter which body types. They understand how the bride wants to look on her special day and can work with you to find the perfect dress.

Do expect to get the dress altered. Not every body is the same and you definitely want your wedding gown to fit perfectly. Most wedding gowns undergo alterations before the bride fits perfectly in it. Leave plenty of time to get them done before the big day.

Do keep an open mind to other possibilities while you shop. Your dream dress may not exist, but if you try on many styles and designs, you can find something you may like even more.

Do bring your wedding shoes or heels with the same height to them. This will let you see exactly how the dress will flow at your wedding and help with measurements for alterations as well.

Do bring the proper foundation garments with you to try on wedding dresses, such as a strapless bra or control-top pantyhose.

Do make the shopping process fun! Bring family or friends and make a day of it.

Don’t worry about having to special order a gown. Wedding boutiques expect to do this frequently. They can get any size for you quickly.

Don’t put up with bad customer service. If you feel unwelcome at any boutique or store, or if the attendants are not paying attention to your needs, take your business elsewhere. You have every right to have things go your way when it comes to your wedding dress.

Don’t second guess your purchase. The gown you chose looked beautiful on you in the shop and was tailored to suit you perfectly. Shopping for more wedding dresses after you bought one will only cause stress and uncertainty.

Don’t take everyone and their sister with you when shopping for wedding gowns. Too many conflicting opinions may confuse the issue. Only take those who know your tastes best.

Don’t give up! You can’t expect to find the perfect dress in the first store you enter. Relax and enjoy the process.


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