Wedding dresses require careful cleaning and preservation to keep them looking like new before and after the ceremony and reception. This article covers important tips to reduce the permanence of stains and improve the effectiveness of professional cleaning.

1 – Treat stains immediately on your wedding day to prevent them setting or oxidizing with the fabric and becoming permanent.

2 – Locate a reputable dry cleaner before your wedding day. They might offer emergency stain treatment and repairs if you have an accident before the ceremony or reception even starts. You will also be assured of having a quality cleaner to take the gown to immediately after your wedding day.

3 – Leave the tags on your wedding dress or, if they are uncomfortable or show themselves while you are wearing it, clip them off and keep them handy. Cleaning services will need the material list and cleaning and treatment instructions to take care of the gown properly. Be especially cautious with dresses adorned with beads, glitter and appliques as these may melt or become detached when dry cleaned.

4 – After cleaning and before packing the wedding gown away, be sure to check it thoroughly for remaining stains or other problems. While no dry cleaning service is 100% effective, this extra check gives you the opportunity to have them work more on stains they might have missed.

5 - Before storing your dress after the wedding, have it professionally dry cleaned. At this time, the cleaner can also get rid of stains from perspiration and spilled drinks or food.

Once your wedding gown is dry cleaned, it is time to put it away in storage to preserve it for the future.

1 – Take your gown out of the dry cleaner’s plastic wrap and take it off the hanger. This is especially important for wire or plastic hangers. Over time, the plastic can exude chemicals which can damage or discolor delicate materials.

2 – Check carefully for safety pins, straight pins and any plastic clips holding parts of your wedding gown in place. Metal pins can rust and leave unsightly marks on the fabric. And clips or pins can create permanent marks or mess up the shape of cuffs or collars.

3 – Avoid the fabric of the wedding gown yellowing with age by packing it only in acid-free tissue paper. This can help it maintain the original color and flow instead of becoming aged and more brittle.

4 – Choose a storage box with some ventilation to cut down on the possibility that mold or mildew will collect inside and permanently damage the wedding gown. It is especially recommended that you never use plastic boxes to store textiles, as they often trap moisture.

5 – Store the carefully wrapped and boxed wedding dress in a cool, dry location in your house that gets little to no direct light. Attics are too hot and basements are often too damp. A closet is your best bet, as long as you do not turn on a lamp that reaches your stored wedding gown frequently.

Follow these expert tips on cleaning and storing your beloved wedding gown to keep it in great condition for posterity. Pay close attention to quality dry cleaning, stain treatment and packaging in acid-free, moisture-resistant storage materials. This is especially important if you dream of someday passing on the dress to your daughter or granddaughter.


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