Second only to the choice a bride makes in choosing a man she will spend the rest of her life with, is the choice of her wedding gown. For many women, this is the day they have dreamed about their whole lives. This is the day they get to be a fairy tale princess or the picture of romantic elegance. Perhaps they collected wedding magazines or perused online dress galleries to find their dream gown.

Not only does the dress you choose have to match your style preferences, but it also has to be comfortable enough to spend the entire wedding ceremony and reception in. Remember you will be sitting gown to eat, standing for long periods of time and even dancing the night away with your new husband, friends and family members. A dress that is too tight can exacerbate nerves and even result in you fainting.

Shopping for wedding dresses often begins directly after the engagement is announced. There may still be six months or more before the actual wedding day when the dress is bought. Once the gown is purchased and the alterations are complete, the next task is for the bride to remain exactly the same size so additional alterations are not necessary. The last thing a bride-to-be wants is to gain or lose weight so she no longer fits in her perfect dress. In some cases, additional alterations may not be possible without damaging the gown’s details.

No matter what size you are, there is a perfect wedding gown style for you. Any body shape, from petite to plump, looks best in a particular style that suits their frame. It is important to try on all sorts of wedding dresses and to get objective opinions about which looks best on you. Bring along family or close friends to help as you visit all the bridal boutiques. And remember that many boutique shops do not carry all sizes for you to try on in the store. You might need to get the best idea on what you like from much smaller gowns.

Many bridal designers create dresses in multiple sizes and lengths. If you have the money for it, consider buying a brand name dress such as one by Vera Wang. She is famous for her detailed craftsmanship and attention to minute accents like hand beading. Many celebrities have used her to design the gowns for their special days.

Options for people with smaller budgets include shopping discount stores, discontinued styles or even buying pre-owned from an online site or thrift shop. There are consignment stores that specialize in bridal gowns and fancy dresses that can offer up some real gems at lower prices. Another option is checking vintage clothing stores for the wedding gowns of yesteryear. With some alterations and a few style changes, these can fit almost any personality. Getting a gorgeous wedding dress does not have to be expensive.

Brides should have a good idea about what type of style they prefer. However, it could lead to disappointment if you set your heart on a particular look that ends up being either too expensive, unavailable or simply not looking right for your body type. Be flexible and you will find a perfect wedding dress that you'll be proud to wear.


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