Traditional wedding gowns are creations of white silk, lace and beads. These days more brides are breaking away from this classic look and exploring their personal style on their wedding day. There are no rules about what you wear; as long as it reflects your style, you can choose it. Some brides prefer brightly colored dresses, elegant pantsuits or casual sundresses to get married in. Whether these are styles you would like to try yourself, or if you do prefer the fairy princess ball gown style, it is the modern way to wear what you want in order to look your personal best on the day you get married.

Bridal fashion choices depend largely on everyday fashion in some ways. Peruse fashion magazines, study what models are wearing on the runway, or what celebrities wear on the red carpet, to get ideas about dresses and accessories that are modern and popular. Even if you choose a traditional wedding gown, it is possible to spice it up with some trendy accent.

Take a hint from popular trends, such as the 1920s floral style dresses, whose design can be incorporated into a wedding gown. Different jewelry options, such as chandelier earrings and charm bracelets, can add a touch of beautiful modernity. Since your wedding photographs will be displayed in your house forever, focus on being timelessly fashionable rather than particularly trendy. You want your pictures to be the objects of admiration for many years to come.

Popular Wedding Dress Fashions for Today

Many brides are adding color to their wedding ensemble instead of sticking with plain white or off-white. While some go for a completely colorful dress, most use white as the main color and accent with colorful ribbons, pieces of jewelry or flowers incorporated onto the gown. Pinks, blue, soft greens, brown and purples remain the most popular colors used to accent wedding dresses. This usually coincides with the colors of the bride's bouquet and her bridesmaids' dresses.

The elegant looks of yesteryear have come back in a big way to create a new look that is partially vintage and completely romantic. Lace is more popular these days than other types of accents such as beading. A wedding gown can have a full lace overlay to give it a truly historical look, or simply have delicate lace edging the hem, cuffs and veil.

Embroidery is another decoration that is increasing in popularity. Elegant hand embroidery gives wedding dresses a truly opulent feeling and brings to mind the types of gowns princesses must have worn in the past.

Although more leeway is given in wedding style these days, most brides do love to look very beautiful and ladylike. The colorful accents, layers of lace and embroidery add to the popular trend of the ultra-feminine. Women who always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with them as the beautiful princess will be happy to take advantage of these popular styles.


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