Preparation for your wedding day can leave you with an overabundance of anxiety and stress. So many details have to be taken care of, such as organizing the decorations, shopping for a bridal gown, and dealing with family, that it is sometimes hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. So many brides get so stressed out that they turned to comfort and junk food and end up gaining some unsightly pounds. Others, terrified that they will not look their best or not fit into the wedding down on their wedding day, adopt unhealthy starvation diets.

Working with a personal trainer helps you to understand the simple daily changes you can make in order to look your best on your wedding day. It is not necessary to pay for one and add to the expenses surrounding your big day. These four main tips work if used regularly.

1 - Drink a lot of water.

Drinking more than the usual eight glasses of water per day has multiple health benefits. Doing so not only improves digestion and skin tone, can also help flush fat out of your system and can help get rid of toxins that lead to feeling stressed and sluggish. Drinking a lot of water also replaces sugary sodas and calorie-laden coffee drinks as well.

2 - Go for a short walk every day.

To maintain your usual weight or drop a few pounds before the wedding, you do not have to adopt a rigorous exercise plan all of a sudden. Instead of paying for a gym membership you may not have the time to take advantage of, focus on getting some quick exercise near to home. Taking a short walk every day will not only help you stay fit but can also reduce stress levels.

3 - Eat 5-6 small meals regularly.

Many brides desperate to lose weight will fall into a treat and starvation cycle. They use junk food or chocolate to calm their nerves and then skip meals to try to lose the weight. Keep your blood sugar stable and your energy levels up by eating five or six small meals per day instead.

4 - Eat healthy alternatives

There is plenty of literature available in books, magazines and on the Internet that tells how to eat a healthy diet. The months before your wedding are not the time to try some trendy new thing or experiment with foods that many upset your digestion. Stick with the basics of lean protein, complex carbs and plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can find healthier alternatives to all of your favorite snacks.

5 - Find quality rewards.

Do not get depressed or be too hard on yourself if you eat something off plan. It is okay to have a small bowl of ice cream or some chocolate candy as a reward for your hard work. Some advocate taking one day off per week to eat whatever you like, but that is a matter of personal taste. There are other rewards that can feel good to: manicures, spa days or buying something special for your wedding or for the home you will share with your new husband.

The simple instructions will help you lose some weight before your wedding day while reducing stress and improving energy levels. By the time you walked down the aisle in your lovely dress, you will be the very image of a beautiful bride.


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