Carnation wedding flowerEvery wedding has flowers, not only clutched in the pretty bride’s hands as she walks up the aisle, but decorating altar, tables, seats and the reception hall too. So many options are available from quality florists, but some of the most popular remain the romantic rose, elegant calla lilies, fresh daisies, delicate tulips and exotic orchids. The bride may feel like a kid in the candy store as she walks into the florists shop to decide on what is best for her special day.

A trip to the florist fills the senses with a mixture of beautiful scents and colors. Lush roses in a wide array of colors sit on one side, while fragrant orchids fill a shelf beyond. Visions of huge bouquets and flower arrangement with a little bit of everything fill your mind, but then you remember the wedding budget and reality crashes in again. In all this opulence, there is one flower with a lot of potential, available to you in a wide variety of colors and styles: the carnation.

Carnations have become something of a lost gem in the flower world. It’s often viewed as cheap and unappealing, something useful only as a filler flower in between better options. They are less expensive, which is helpful for a bride with less to spend, but their popularity is growing again, thanks, in part, to television personality Martha Stewart. She uses carnations often in her creations, but they are a great start for a creative and beautiful wedding flower plan.

These frilly flowers look great bundled together in tight bouquets either in one color or with a variety of pinks, yellows and peaches mixed up. They are the best flower for topiary style flower balls and other shapes as well. Add a bit of ribbon and arrange the stems neatly and you can put this in a glass vase for an interesting and fun table decoration. Single color arrangements can look just as stunning. Deep red carnations give the same romantic impression as red roses at a much lower price. Carnations come in dozens of colors and sizes with many blossoms having multiple colors in one bloom. They are ruffled and attractive blossoms.

One of the best things about carnations is their price. Compared to roses, orchids and other expensive hothouse flowers, these pretty blooms are quite affordable. On average, the same about of carnations can cost up to $20 less than a comparable amount of roses. With all the flowers needed for wedding bouquets and arrangements that can really add up quickly. Using carnations instead of other options can greatly reduce wedding costs without sacrificing beauty and style on your special day.


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