Flowers for wedding dayIt’s very rare to see a wedding celebration without flowers. They are often the main part of all the decorating at both the ceremony and reception afterwards. Beautiful, elegant and colorful, they also provide a wonderful scent that seems to tinge the air with romance. Choose colors and varieties that match the overall feel of the wedding day that is perfect for you. Make sure they do not clash with the bridesmaids’ dresses or even your hair color.

Hire a professional florist who has experience with wedding flower arrangements. They must be able to arrange, deliver and set up all the floral accents on the day of your marriage ceremony. In some cases, they should also be available to remove the displays after the party is over as well. Some reception halls will have specific florists they recommend, but it never hurts to do research on your own. Get references from your friends and family and read impartial reviews of each one on the internet.

The wedding flowers you choose should make the whole day more beautiful without overpowering the real focus: you. Most are chosen because of the color scheme the bride and groom want for their special day. A quality florist should be able to recommend certain types of flowers and show large color photos of options available to match. Before discussing cost, come up with a list of all the wedding flowers you might need. These include bridal and wedding party bouquets, men’s boutonnieres, the mother’s corsages, table centerpieces, altar arrangements and other decorations.

Not only should your florist show pictures of individual bouquets and arrangements, but also overall images of how the displays can be set up in church or hall. You want to order enough flowers to make a good impression without going overboard. Knowing exactly what you want helps keep costs down as well. Consider bringing along pages from wedding magazines or printed pictures from online sites to show the florist your favorite setups.

While it may be tempting to reduce stress by letting a professional florist take over all the planning and do things her way, it might backfire. This is your special wedding day, and you are hiring her to do the work for you. Even if she recommends not using a certain color or flower arrangement, you can insist. If you are not comfortable with a florist, you can certainly change to another as long as the arrangements are not finalized yet.


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