When the dreams of a lifetime become reality and a woman begins to plan her wedding day, she will begin to understand the complexity and stress involved with the process. So many things need her attention: wedding gown fittings, hiring a florist and cake decorator and choosing decorations for the reception hall. Before any of these things happen, however she must choose the theme colors she will use to tie it all together.

Consider these tips when picking out complimentary colors for your wedding style and décor:

Choose your favorites for bridesmaids’ dresses, but be careful to note which colors would look good on all complexions and body types. Before paying the dress boutique hundreds of dollars for each lime green or gold lame dress, get input from your friends and family about what they think would look best and what they would be comfortable wearing.

Very bright colors may be your favorites, such as cobalt blue and hot pink, but they may look too stark on some women and seriously affect the re-usability of the bridesmaids’ dresses. A bride must also be careful her attendants to not outshine her on her special day. Since the bride usually wears white, consider selecting décor colors that match your complexion so you look radiant in pictures when surrounded with those complimentary tones on all sides.

Remember that these colors will form the basis for all your floral arrangements and other decorations. The most popular colors for wedding themes continue to be various shades of pink and red, blues, purple, aqua and soft greens. Elegant champagne and chocolate tones have become more popular in recent years. If you need help deciding, take a look at wedding websites and magazines for examples. Keep in mind that all the colors you choose should blend well together, so avoid mixing soft pastels with a vibrant shade or using colors that clash such as burgundy and fuchsia.

Adding a splash of color to the wedding dress has become more popular in recent years. Tie in the shade of the bridal party gowns with a pretty ribbon around the bride’s waist or a delicate lace overlay in tones of pastel pink or ice blue. Elegant embroidery patterns in different colors grace the bodice and sleeves of some stylish wedding dresses.

A final thought must be entertained when it comes to choosing colors for your wedding: the setting. If the church or reception hall is decorated in a particular color, you might want to consider avoiding décor and gown colors that will clash with that. Some wedding venues have multiple options of rooms to choose from. If you can, select one with neutral tones, or shades that will look good with your preferred color palette.

Your wedding day is the time to shine amid favorite colors and hues that compliment your complexion and tastes. Follow your bliss and the above recommendations for selecting a palette that will look beautiful for your very special day.


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