Flowers have always been associated with freshness, romance, passion and purity. They add a pleasing fragrance and a beautiful look to any special occasion. Different colors and types of flowers have come to mean different things throughout history. The so called “language of flowers” includes comparisons of red roses with true love and poppies with memorials for fallen soldiers. White lilies are often associated with funerals and are usually not used at weddings because of this.

Brides and grooms in ancient times used flowers as decorations and blessings on their marital union and their home together. The Greeks used ivy to show eternal and evergreen love. Ancient Eoman brides used fragrant herbs on their veils to add to their beauty and the pleasant atmosphere of their own happy wedding days.

The most common types of flowers used at weddings include roses, orchids, daisies and iris. The many different color strains, hybrids and varieties of these flowers can be combined to create the most beautiful bridal bouquets and decorations for the wedding reception party.

Roses remain the most popular type of bridal flower. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors from pure white to luscious crimson and all manner of yellows and pinks in between.

Some lilies that are used in bridal bouquets include the very elegant calla lily, lily of the valley and vibrant daylilies in various tones of pink, yellow and orange.

Exotic orchids grace many bridal bouquets with their tropical appeal and delicate nature. Other popular flowers include chrysanthemums, daisies, gardenias, iris, lilac and hydrangea blossoms.

The flowers the bride and groom choose to have at their wedding ceremony and reception can make up a large chunk of the allowed budget. Consider purchasing in-season flowers or simply using less of them to create smaller but still beautiful bouquets and decorations. The sooner you enlist the help of a professional florist, the better deal you can usually get as last minute orders require premium pricing.

Unless you have great skill in flower arranging or your budget is so tight you simply cannot afford it, creation of attractive bouquets and table centerpieces should be left in the hands of a capable florist. When hiring someone to arrange the flowers for your marriage ceremony and reception, peruse their selection of photographs of projects they completed in the past. Bring along a sample of the cloth used on the bridesmaids’ dresses so you can match it more closely to the correct shades of flowers.

In general, the decorative floral accents every wedding event requires includes an altar display, reception table centerpieces, bride's and bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen and groom's boutonnieres. You might also like to give flowers to the parents of the bride and groom. Other decorative accents include pew swags, of arrangements for buffet or cake tables and possibly garlands for doorways and halls.

No matter what variety of flowers you want to use at your wedding ceremony and reception, there is probably a silk alternative that can be used as a home decoration after your special day is done. Silk flowers may not have the same a fresh look as real flowers, but you do not have to worry about them wilting or dropping petals during the long celebration. There are even scented the silk flowers available these days to help create a more realistic impression.


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