After the wedding ceremony and the fun of the reception party with friends and family, it is time for the newly married couple to get away from all the stress and excitement and take their honeymoon journey together. This trip is the first vacation they will ever take as a married couple, and it should be perfectly planned for maximum relaxation, excitement and pure romance. The honeymoon is something engaged couples look forward to even more than the wedding itself. With proper budgeting and planning, the bride and groom can plan a truly memorable honeymoon that will set the mark for all future romantic getaways.

Honeymoons can be as simple as a weekend away at a country bed and breakfast inn or as extravagant as a month touring Europe. Most last a week or two and are often part of a honeymoon getaway package offered by a travel agent. Some of the most popular options include wilderness cabins where the couple can be truly alone, tropical beach resorts dedicated to couples and love, and all-inclusive cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe or even Alaska. No matter what destination or budget available, be sure to create a romantic honeymoon experience for both new bride and groom to enjoy.



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