One of the most popular destinations for honeymoons these days is the fabulous Caribbean Island chain. These breathtaking tropical paradises offer so much for the discerning traveler interested in sun, sand, exotic experiences and fabulous memories that will last your whole life through. More couples choose the Caribbean islands for their honeymoon destination because of the many possibilities available and the fabulous package deals from travel agents.

These tropical islands also provide a stunning backdrop for destination weddings. Every type of ceremony is available from traditional weddings in a church to a glorious sunset ceremony on the beach. Explore your dreams of the perfect wedding day and then make them come true with a trip to the Caribbean.

Even if you want a traditional ceremony in a church or cathedral, the convenience of a tropical honeymoon resort right next door cannot be beat. The memories, photographs and videos you capture during your wedding ceremony and reception will help you relive your special times for many years to come. With beautiful scenery on every side, a kaleidoscope of tropical flowers and some of the best weather on Earth, you and your new spouse and guests will delight in the entire experience.

The Caribbean islands also offer festive cultural options for your wedding. Instead of the traditional white gowned bride walking down the church aisle to the altar, consider wearing a colorful floral dress and standing barefoot with your fiancé in the white sands with a rolling waves behind you. This sets the tone for both a very romantic experience and one that is one casual and carefree. You might enjoy starting the honeymoon with some skydiving, surfing or rock climbing, or you might prefer to relax on a private beach with a fruity drink.

Another option is to book a wedding cruise. Many package deals are available that let you save money on an all-inclusive vacation complete with wedding ceremony, reception for your guests and a romantic honeymoon suite. On a cruise, you are not limited to just one resort or island, but can visit many of them on day trips and special outings.

One of the best things about choosing to get married in the Caribbean is how close and convenient it is to airports in the United States. Family and friends in the area will not have to travel many hours to reach the destination. This proximity also reduces prices on flights so that the ceremony and reception are more accessible to the bulk of your friends and families. They will also enjoying all the glorious beauty and relaxation this tropical paradise has to offer.


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