Honeymoon Lingerie – Sexy, Elegant and Fun

The wedding ceremony and reception are filled with romance, fun with family and friends, good food and dancing, but the wedding night is one of the most anticipated times for any couple. Just imagine! Your honeymoon bed is sprinkled with fragrant rose petals while white candles flicker and glow with a romantic light. Soft music is playing and champagne chills in a silver bucket nearby. Everything is perfectly aligned for the most romantic night of your life, but you still have to decide what to wear. Honeymoon lingerie is designed to tease and titillate and ignite his senses as you step into the room where you will share the marriage bed.

It’s easy to keep your man interested during the honeymoon days, but most men are not super romantic on a day-to-day basis. Keep that honeymoon lingerie in your drawer and wear it from time to time to remind him of the excitement and romance of your first nights together as a couple. It is often up to the woman to keep the fire burning in the marriage, and the honeymoon is the perfect time to show him just what kind of heat he has to look forward to for the rest of his life.

If love was blind, lingerie would not be as popular as it is today. These sexy nightgowns and underthings will soon enough give way to cotton basics and cozy sweatpants in bed. The honeymoon is the time between the magical bliss of the wedding day and the reality of continuing married life. It’s the time to get to know each other intimately and enjoy your uninterrupted time together.

Honeymoon lingerie, whether it is purely sexy, elegant or just plain fun, is one of the most frequently bought things on the web today. Women buy lingerie for themselves and men buy it for their wives too.

How do you buy the best lingerie for you and your husband to enjoy? Lingerie is all about compromise, just like most other parts of a marriage. You have to buy pieces that make you feel wonderfully flirty yet still comfortable, with his ideas of what is supremely sexy and a great turn on. If you like French lace and satin and he likes you in a football jersey and nothing else, consider a perky lace-trimmed woman’s cami top with a sports logo and boy-leg shorts instead.

Please note that you still need to feel comfortable in the pieces you pick out to wear, even if they will only worn for a short time. Some lingerie is more extreme than others. The most amazing lingerie will do little good if you are too shy to step out of the bathroom after putting it on.

Honeymoon lingerie has become more accessible to women of all tastes in a wide variety of colors, materials and styles. White lace is not the only option available to you anymore, with colors like red, pink, blues and green also popular. You might prefer black lingerie too, which is fine for a wedding night and many nights afterward. Not only are the colors and styles different, but lingerie is also available in more sizes to fit any bride.

From sporty cami tops to the Hollywood glamour of a white silk peignoir set; from lacy pink baby-doll sets to sultry black and red teddies with stockings, honeymoon lingerie gives new brides a huge number of choices to find something that is just right for you. No matter what sexy style you choose, rest assured that your husband will find something to like.


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