Travel guides have rated Mexican beaches some of the best in the entire world, making Mexico an excellent vacation and honeymoon destination for those who love the sand, sun and surf. Newly married couples can choose to visit a resort on any number of exotic beach locations and enjoy all the best this nation has to offer.

Mexico Honeymoons

For most couples, the honeymoon trip is the most exciting one they will take throughout their whole life. Not only the first vacation you will take as husband and wife, but perhaps the only long holiday journey you will take for a while when work and family life gets busy again. A honeymoon should be ultimately special. Choosing Mexico can give you a tropical vacation to remember always, and even start an anniversary trip tradition you may want to come back to again and again.

Mexico offers many different options for people who enjoy more than just beautiful beaches. Honeymooning couples can, of course, sunbathe, play in the ocean, try their hand at surfing and other water sports and take boat rides. Adventurous types may enjoy taking day trips to historical sites and different ecosystems to explore and experience new things. Whether you and your new spouse look for relaxation and calm on your honeymoon, or you want a thrilling romp filled with excitement and night life, Mexico can provide exactly what you love best.

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations is the resort capital of Mexico, Cancun. With a beach party atmosphere and tropical beauty, Cancun remains ever popular with honeymooning couples. More than two million people visit this hot spot every year, but that does not mean it’s a crowded mess of people. Resorts and hotels, such as the Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa, help make your stay memorable and as relaxing as you like it.

Many resorts have special honeymoon packages with the most elegant rooms, complimentary champagne and romantic dinners for two include in the price. All inclusive resort vacations are perfect for honeymoon trips and couples who like to keep a close eye on their budgets.

Not all honeymoon destinations in Mexico focus on the beach and ocean. Towns like Oaxaca offer history buffs plenty of tour options and exotic architecture to explore. Go shopping for black clay pottery to bring home to your new married life home, or other handcrafted items and art pieces by Mexican artisans.

No matter what your interests – history and art, private beaches or exciting night life – Mexico offers something great for your honeymoon. Romance can be found at every turn when you travel south to start your married life together with a vacation in Mexico.


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