The exotic scenery of Thailand has made it one of the premier honeymoon destinations for couples looking for something out of the ordinary. Experience the architecture of ancient temples and the tranquility of tiny riverside villages all in one fun-filled vacation. Thailand offers the best of everything from a wide variety of cultural events to tropical beach relaxation.

For honeymooners without a lot of time, Thailand offers so many options close to each other that you do not have to choose just one locale. Visit Leo Bay where a James bond movie was once filmed or fly into Bangkok for some exotic night life and culture. Avoid traveling to this country around April, the hottest point of their year, or near October, in the height of the rainy season. Consult travel agents to find the best times to visit, and to create an itinerary so you do not miss a thing.

Bangkok is also called the City of Angels and is full of exquisite Thai culture, native food selections and extensive shopping malls. Everywhere you look, different eras seem to blend together to create something truly unique. On one side, an ancient temple invites you in for some quiet contemplation while orange-robed monks stroll by. Around the next corner, you can see modern skyscrapers forming a backdrop to active nightlife and large screens showing western music videos and advertisements.

Thailand offers a place where travelers can rest no matter what their budget. You might like to save more on your accommodations so you can take advantage of the interesting events and more shopping opportunities.

Consider spending an afternoon in Bangkok's Chinatown or Pahurat, the Indian district. While Thailand’s Chinatown used to be a maze of opium dens, brothels and small casinos, it has transformed into an interesting conglomeration of markets and exotic food stalls. Pahurat features a lot of culture and shopping brought to you from India, such as silk scarves and bags and other treasures. The new bride might enjoy accenting her wardrobe with something made by local craftspeople.

Besides sightseeing or relaxing in the sun at one of the beaches, there are so many things to do in Thailand. Visit the Grand Palace to see the emerald Buddha statue. Consider a trip to the Snake Farm where you can see the production facilities for anti-venom serum. The Crocodile Farm features over 60,000 crocodiles available for you to feed. For less dangerous day trips, consider the floating market, accessible only by boat, or one of the many riverside temples, such as the porcelain-coated Temple of Dawn.

When the excitement of touring all the unique locations in Thailand gets to be too much, visit one of the many glorious white beaches for some romance and relaxation. Whether you choose an all-inclusive resort package or a rented cottage on a secluded beach, rest assured that you will have the most magnificent ocean-side holiday ever. Phuket and Koh Samui are two possible destinations that mimic paradise for their beauty.

For couples who enjoy exotic adventures in faraway lands, consider Thailand as a honeymoon destination. This culture-rich nation offers everything from pristine beaches to ancient cultural celebrations, but most of all it offers a new bride and groom the chance of a lifetime to begin their married days with excitement and romance.


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