Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and has become almost synonymous with wedding destination in the United States, with over 100,000 marriages held here every year. This Entertainment Capital of the World offers many options to suit every taste. One of the major attractions is being able to get married quickly, but for the more laid back brides and grooms, there are a multitude of styles or themes for their ceremony and reception.

Whatever dream a bride and groom's imaginations can create, Las Vegas can deliver. Themed weddings are exceptionally popular there and adventuresome couples can get married in everything from ancient Egyptian temples complete with costumed actors, to having an Elvis impersonator crooning his love song as you say your vows. Other options include gangster themed weddings and even circus themes for those couples who want to start out a fun-filled life together.

Las Vegas can also be the jumping-off point for a destination wedding. Hotels and other venues organize wedding packages to nearby locations like Mount Charleston, the Valley of Fire Park and the Red Rock Canyon. There are also many destinations right in the city that people love to get married near. Some opt for a tourist-style wedding near the famous Las Vegas sign. Fun loving couples may get married on the Stratosphere Tower's roller-coaster.

How did this city of Las Vegas become the wedding destination for so many happy couples?

Las Vegas weddings are fun. They cater to a whimsical sense of humor and two people with exotic tastes and smaller budgets. Dressing up in costumes and having famous personalities, or at least their impersonators, performing your wedding can create a truly unique and memorable experience.

Couples can save money on Las Vegas weddings more easily than they can on traditional weddings in other locations. While this is not always true, depending upon a bride and groom's particular desires, overall the business of these marriage celebrations in Las Vegas creates a lot of discount packages and competitive pricing.

Getting married in Las Vegas is convenient. Not only can you get married more quickly in Las Vegas any other cities which require longer licensing procedures, but everything necessary from the ceremony to the reception to the honeymoon afterward is clustered together in this bustling metropolis. Most hotels have venues for wedding ceremonies available, and many employ wedding coordinators that can handle all the preparations for you.

The city itself is a fabulous honeymoon destination and having your wedding ceremony right there saves on extra transportation costs and time that you may not be able to get off work. With all the options of different hotels and entertainment venues in Las Vegas, any couple can find something they will truly love to experience.

While Las Vegas may seem to outsiders like a flashy city that never sleeps filled with nightclubs and casinos, there is something special in all the weddings they perform there every year. From entertaining theme weddings with Elvis or King Tut officiating to more traditional ceremonies in church chapels, Las Vegas can deliver just what you always dreamed of.


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