So many options exist for honeymoon destinations these days that it’s hard to pick which one you and your new spouse will want to visit. This article covers some of the perennially popular choices to help you decide just what type of trip is right for the both of you.

Beaches remain one of the most common destinations for honeymoons no matter where you live in the world. Not only are tropical resorts and ocean-front property fun and relaxing, but they can be very romantic as well. Imagine beautiful sunsets glinting on the water and lounging around in sexy swimwear all day.

Hawaii offers some of the best beach vacation options for honeymoon destinations. Pick one resort to cater to your every need or go island hopping to experience all this great state has to offer. The pure white sand beaches and sparkling waves of the ocean are just some of the highlights of a Hawaiian honeymoon vacation. Hawaii has an exciting culture of its own that travelers can experience and delight in. It almost feels like you are visiting a foreign country.

Bora Bora may be a bit more expensive than other destinations, but it offers very romantic honeymoon retreats that are worth paying for. This out of the way location doesn’t attract crowds like some other tropical areas so it is perfect for more private and romantic experiences. If you want to relax with your new husband or wife, consider visiting the serene beauty of these islands.

If beaches aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other great honeymoon destinations to choose from. Colorado can be very romantic with cozy mountain cottages and majestic views of the peaks and forests surrounding you. Couples who have winter weddings may enjoy the skiing and other sports Colorado is famous for. Adventure abounds at this top honeymoon destination.

For those who enjoy the night lift more than the quiet life, Las Vegas is always a popular place to visit. Gambling, exciting shows, and a plethora of themed hotels and resorts offers something for everyone who visits. On the other end of the country, New York can offer similar culture and experiences for brides and grooms who want to be out and about rather than lounging on the beach for their romantic honeymoon.

Many other options are available for memorable honeymoon destinations. European tours offer culture, romantic getaways, great beaches, history and adventure depending on where you go. Cruises remain very popular as well. They are the ultimate all-inclusive vacation and can be as simple or extravagant as the bride and groom want and can afford. Consider a two week long tropical island cruise with many stops in exotic ports of call, or a couple days sailing down a river with historic cities and amazing sights along the banks.

Other popular options include Costa Rica, famed for its beautiful beaches and environmental touring. Kayaking, white water rafting and forays into the rain forests are popular attractions. Consider the US Virgin Islands for more tropical adventure.

No matter what type of tastes the bride and groom have, there is a perfect honeymoon destination that will thrill and delight them and create lasting memories for many years to come.


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