Planning your special wedding day included a lot of stress and worry, but the big day finally arrived in spectacular fashion. Before you go back and settle into the normal days or married life, it’s time to enjoy wedded bliss away from all your cares. Newly married couples can find several fun and beautiful wedding destinations in the United States that make perfect trips for celebration and romantic togetherness.

One: Hawaii

The sunny islands of Hawaii remain a very popular honeymoon destination. Beautiful beaches lure couples from all over the globe to rest and relax in the sun. Exotic scenery delights those who want a more active adventure holiday. Tour packages are available for any of the most popular Hawaiian islands with resorts and hotels ready to cater to a newly married couple. Waterfalls, hiking, sunbathing and golf are popular things to do here.

Two: Florida

The sunshine state offers excellent beaches a little closer than Hawaii, and adds the extra fun of the Disney resorts. You do not need to have little children in tow to enjoy these varied parks and hotels. Florida also features romantic resorts on both Atlantic and Gulf sides with in the beautiful Keys. If the beach is your thing, you may want to experience several of them on your honeymoon trip.

Three: Niagara Falls

Perhaps the most traditional honeymoon destination ever, Niagara Falls lies on the border between the USA and Canada. While the waterfalls themselves are stunning and definitely a sight not to miss, there are other attractions to delight new husbands and wives. Take a river cruise or hike in the nearby Catskill Mountains. Casino Niagara offers gambling opportunities, shows and fun for newlyweds.

Four: Las Vegas

Another option for those that want to try some wedding luck at the casino is always-popular Las Vegas, Nevada. Catch a show at any of the popular resorts, shop in hundreds of specialty shops and boutiques and get the royal treatment in a top-class hotel’s honeymoon suite. Day trips to locations like Death Valley and the Grand Canyon can give you a break from the flashy excitement.

Five: California

Always a favorite for honeymooners, California offers some of the most widely varied options when it comes to travel. While Los Angeles and southern California can be exciting with many cultural options. Consider visiting wine country for its delicious vintages and stunning scenery. Tour the countryside and stay at any number of charming bed and breakfast inns for your honeymoon.

rides and grooms want to plan their honeymoon in an exciting location with plenty to do, but still have a relaxed atmosphere for plenty of one-on-one time together. Consider staying in the United States and explore some of the best honeymoon trip destinations around.


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