Your wedding celebration may be the most important event in your entire life. In order to create the magical memories you want, it takes a lot of planning, organizing, budgeting and shopping. Stress levels rise a lot before the wedding celebration happens due to all the out-of-the-ordinary things the man and woman must do to prepare. There are ways, however, to escape dealing with some of this stress. Consider leaving the organizing of your marriage ceremony and reception to someone else.

One exciting option combines your marriage ceremony and reception with a fun-filled honeymoon on a cruise ship. Not only will you get to take a fabulous vacation to an exotic locale, but it can be very convenient and reduce the stress of every aspect of wedding planning. Cruise lines are dedicated to making your stay aboard the most memorable and fun trip of your lives. Many of them have special wedding packages that include full-service wedding ceremonies and receptions for you and your guests. They take care of everything and help reduce your stress load from all the usual wedding planning activities.

Cruise lines are already famous for their opulent dinners and desserts, well-stocked bars, elegant ballrooms and exciting dance clubs. An extensive staff is on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly and just the way you imagined your special day would be. Many offer bridal suites that would rival the most expensive hotels on land. Everything is already in place for a fabulous wedding celebration.

Not only is it more convenient but it can also be much less expensive to hold your wedding on a cruise ship. The overall price will also include your honeymoon trip, which is usually thousands more than your wedding ceremony and reception.

One drawback of getting married on a cruise ship is that all your family and friends will not be able to come with you. Some simply can't afford a ticket price, and you and your future husband may not be able to foot the bill for everyone either. An option is to actually get married in port before the ship sets sail. Cruise lines often have special ballrooms or chapels where the ceremony can take place and friends and family can come witness the special occasion before they debark and the ship cruises to its first destination. In order to make sure your wedding is perfectly legal, the cruise line needs to conduct the marriage ceremony in your country's territorial waters.

Cruise lines are dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment, and this is especially true if they are conducting your wedding ceremony and creating a fun reception for you and your guests. There are different levels of wedding packages that cruise lines offer for different budgets and tastes. Research several of the major cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruises, Disney Cruise lines and Princess Cruises before you make your decision about which ship to use to get married on. They will create an atmosphere of adventure and romance that you and your family and friends will not soon forget.


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