As un-romantic as it may seem, planning a wedding has a lot in common with starting a new business. In the beginning, one person takes all the risk and lays out the startup capital. This is followed by a partnership and a commitment for long-term success. Ultimately, everyone involved with the deal wants the company, or the marriage, to last forever and prosper beautifully.

In both business and wedding planning, it is great to learn from others' mistake. Of course the day of your marriage ceremony and reception will be one of the most magical and memorable in you and your partner's life. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is introducing stress to your marriage by going over budget on your wedding day.

The magical moment when he asked for your hand in marriage has passed. The date has been set when you will be married. Now it is time to create a master list of all things that need to be done to facilitate your dream wedding, without going over a set amount of money you agree to spend. This is an opportunity for the future husband and wife to sit down and discuss finances in such a way that it sets the stage for all conversations about money during the marriage. It is a time to compromise and to listen exactly to what the other one wants.

Saving money on a wedding does not mean compromising the romance or specialness of your big day. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on one day’s celebration, imagine how useful that money can be spent on your marital home.

All the preparations for the wedding can create a lot of stress, but this can be reduced by having a workable plan before you begin shopping and inviting guests. Ask your family members and friends about things they wish they remembered for their wedding days. Their mistakes, such as the things they forgot to do or spent too much money on, can turn into your successes. The more information you gather, the better equipped you are to make reasonable choices about your marriage ceremony and reception.

The best way to save money and create a truly unique wedding experience is to do the bulk of the preparations yourself. You may be lucky enough to have an expert seamstress in your family or a floral arranger in your circle of friends. Can you bake a cake? It may be possible to save a lot of money by making your own wedding cake and having a professional to decorate it. To save even more cash, consider buying frosted angel food or vanilla cake and decorating it with fresh or silk flowers.

You can save more money on a wedding venue if you choose to get married outdoors or at someone's home. You may be lucky enough to have a family member or friend with a beautiful yard or living room they will be happy to share for your special occasion. Buffet meals are much less expensive than catered, sit down meals.

Every aspect of your wedding ceremony and reception can be altered slightly to save you and your future spouse money. Avoid hiring professionals to do photography or videography, and instead use skilled family and friends. Candid shots can record memories just as wonderfully as staged portrait shots.

With all the attention to detail and methods for saving money, your marriage will run as smoothly as the most well planned business but with the added attraction of your romance and forever love.


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