The idea of a bachelor party began centuries ago as a way for a man who will soon be married to have one last fling before he settled down into the responsibilities of living with his bride. Getting drunk and visiting an exotic dancer bar still remains one of the more popular ways to celebrate, however, there are many other options for men who are not interested in this type of activity or in upsetting their future wife. The bachelor party is all about your interests and having fun with your male family members and friends. Activities such as sporting events, camping adventures and extreme thrill experiences can make wonderful bachelor parties.

Many men love sports, either participating in them or watching them live or on a big screen TV. If your group of friends follow a particular football, baseball or basketball team, the bachelor party is the perfect opportunity to go see a game and cheer them on. If tickets are unavailable or outside your financial reach, consider an outing to a great sports bar with large screens to watch all the game highlights. Even any evening at a buddy's house for pizza, beer and sports talk can be fun.

If you want to participate in a sport for your bachelor party, make sure it is something that every age group can enjoy. Inviting your grandfather to play basketball at the park may not work. You might consider something more accessible like a round of golf. Think about trying something completely knew such as ice hockey or archery. There are many sport classes available in most communities.

For men who prefer outdoor adventure, a rugged camping trip may be the ticket. Whether you drive to a secluded stretch of wilderness and hike a mountainous trail with everything you need in a backpack or rent a fully equipped motor home to park at a campground, you can have plenty of fun with this bachelor party weekend. This type of outdoor adventure is perfect for men who love to hike and fish. Evenings around the campfire are perfect for telling tales about “the one that got away” before you settle down with a woman who didn't.

Take your outdoor adventure one step further and try out an extreme sport or thrill experience. You might think getting married is nerve wracking until you try bungee jumping, skydiving or whitewater rafting down a river. These types of activities are not only excellent for male bonding but they may be the last chance you have to defy death before your loving wife puts a stop to them because she doesn't want to see you get hurt. Other options include high speed rides in sports cars, parasailing and paintball tournaments.

Consider combining your bachelor party with your bride-to-be's bachelorette party. During the day, you can each have a separate, gender specific events such as sports for you and a spa for her, but come together in the evening for dinner or dancing at a nightclub. With all the options available these days for bachelor party activities, you are sure to find something enjoyable and acceptable by both of you.


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