Soon-to-be married men have been having bachelor parties since the 1800s, but women have only borrowed the tradition recently with the growing popularity of bachelorette parties. Why should they miss out on female bonding time with their best friends and female family members? Bachelorette parties let the bride-to-be enjoy one last glorious night of freedom before entering into the marriage commitment. They are all about celebrating womanhood with her closest friends.

Women may borrow ideas from stag parties when they plan their own special evening out. Male exotic dancers and drinking at hot nightclubs make up many bachelorette parties, but this is not the only option. Consider making the evening extra special by renting a limo or party bus to take all the ladies bar hopping. A crafty friend can make up “bride” and “bridesmaid” t-shirts for the women to wear while they party. Some even make a very small veil hairclip to show off who is getting married soon.

Bachelorette party games are often a part of the evening. Some can include risqué dares like the bride getting a man’s phone number or getting him to hand over his underwear. No hanky panky before the wedding though! You do not want to end up in a regrettable situation. Simpler games like bride’s life trivia or quizzes about romantic leads in hit movies can be fun too.

If the bride and her circle of friends are not interested in the bar scene, they might enjoy a trip to a day spa instead. This is a great choice if older women or teens are coming along for the bachelorette party too. Relaxing massages and steam rooms can help relieve some of the stress of wedding preparations. Facials, skin treatments, manicures and pedicures can help everyone look their best before the big day. Some spas even have bride-to-be packages for family members and friends to enjoy a relaxing day with her.

Women who enjoy more exotic adventure might take a class in exotic dancing at a studio or in someone’s home. Both pole dancing and belly dancing are becoming more popular as both sensual activities and a way to keep fit. Be sure all your guests are capable and comfortable enough to participate in whatever you choose. Better options for teens and grandmothers might be ballroom dancing classes instead. Also consider craft or art classes, such as pottery or bead-making, or gourmet cooking classes and wine tasting.

Any type of female bonding works for a memorable bachelorette party. How about a selection of the most romantic, tear-jerker chick flicks and big tubs of popcorn and wine? After the bride is married, her husband may commandeer the TV remote or DVD player and she may not a real chance to catch every romantic comedy she wants to see. Laugh and cry along with your best friends and family members as your favorite actors fall in love and find eternal happiness. Your time is coming soon enough!

Whether the bride-to-be wants a relaxing day at the spa for beauty treatments or a raucous male review night filled with plenty of mixed drinks and partying, her bachelor party should be a fun experience she can remember all her life through.


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