Is your wedding day fast approaching? It’s time for the bridal shower party, usually hosted by the maid of honor or family and friends of the bride. This bridal shower party is all about the women in your life giving gifts and lots of happy wishes for you and your marriage to come.

Bridal showers originated in Holland many years ago. The story tells of a pretty Dutch girl who fell in love with a very poor miller. She told her father of their love, but he forbade the marriage since the young man could never support her and a family. The young miss decided to marry anyway and stayed with the miller, even though they were very poor. The kindly neighbors heard about their struggles and how they were nearly starving from lack of food and came to help them. They showered gifts of goods and money on the young married couple, which helped them set up a home and create a good life together. This began the tradition of bridal showers. These days, however, they are fun events and not something to stave off abject poverty.

Besides the tasty food and gift giving, every bridal shower should have fun games to play. This will keep things interesting and entertain all the guests. These days, friends, family, co-workers and even distant relatives are invited to bridal showers, and games help break the ice and get people talking. The more bridal shower games you have planned, the better. One might be a dud, and you need other ideas to fall back on to keep things flowing smoothly.

Guess the Guest Bridal Shower Game

Hand out index cards and have everyone write an interesting fact about themselves on the card. Tell them to make it unique and not too general. Then, hand the cards in, shuffle them around and read them out. Can the other guests guess who are at the party guess who it is?

This game can also be played with celebrity facts as well, as long as the personalities are popular enough for others to know who they are. Another way to play a guessing game like this is to write the name of a famous person on a card and tape them to each guests back. Everyone must figure out who they are over the course of the evening by the clues other guests give to them.

The Alphabet Game

This is a great game for guests who aren’t too physically active, but have plenty of wit and intelligence. In turn, each guest at the wedding shower party says something wedding related that starts with the letters in the alphabet. The first one has “a” and may choose “antique lace” as their word. The next guest must add something for the next letter: “b” could be “something borrowed, something blue.” If someone cannot think of a thing for their letter, they must drop out.

Other fun bridal shower games include classic party games great for any occasion. Create a wedding-themed version of ‘Hot Potato” where something like a little bouquet is passed around the circle. Whoever ends up with it when the music stops must get up and perform something for the crowd, such as singing a song or telling jokes. This not only keeps people active and engaged, but provides many opportunities to laugh. Other options include charades, Pictionary where guests must draw clues for others to guess, and wedding bingo.

This list covers just some of the bridal shower games that will help to create a fun and memorable bridal shower party. They all add fun and excitement to the event and are a great way to keep everyone busy and interacting with each other while having a fabulous time. Every bridal shower needs great food, plenty of gifts, friends and family, but bridal party games are just as important.


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