Prior to the wedding ceremony and reception, the bridesmaids or female family members of the bride-to-be organize a bridal shower party to celebrate her coming nuptials. This is traditionally a party to give gifts to the bride and shower her with well wishes and tips on having a successful marriage. The bridal shower focuses on the woman and makes her the center of attention, but this does not mean that all the other people attending are forgotten. It is important to never make the shower boring for anyone.

Bridal showers are usually held in someone's house, at a local restaurant or at a small rented party room in a hotel or other venue. In general, any females invited to the wedding should also be invited to the bridal shower. In some cases, out of town relatives and friends could not get to the bridal shower and could therefore be excluded without hurting any feelings. It may be necessary to ask the bride who should be invited before you make any mistakes.

Be sure to pick a convenient day and time for the bridal shower. Saturdays are very popular because they give more people a chance to come and join in the fun. Do not hold this event very close to the wedding itself; a few weeks or even months before the big day is just about right.

Even though the bulk of the gifts given out at a bridal shower go straight to the bride-to-be, it is important to show your guests that you appreciate them showing up and sharing this fun time with you. Bridal shower favors do this in a lovely fashion. Some of the more popular choices include candles, chocolates, makeup sets, and the lotions or bath gels. It is fun to match these bridal shower favors to the colors and theme of the wedding itself. For example, if you are having a lot of deep red roses in your bridal bouquet and as table centerpieces at the wedding reception, you may like to give out red rose scented candles or a small rose figurine to each guest. Remember that all the guests at your bridal shower will be women and girls and so you can choose pretty, feminine gifts.

Since bridal showers are not very formal, it is okay to invite friends and family by email or phone. Of course, written invitations can become a kind of keepsake themselves. Maintain a fun and casual atmosphere with takeout food or just a selection of snacks and finger food. The bride will remember this special party with her female friends and family for a long time.


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