Engagement Party Games

The joy of a man asking a woman to be his bride is often marked by an engagement party. Family and friends of the couple come together to both celebrate their upcoming marriage and get to know each other. This might be the first time members of the bride’s family and groom’s family meet, so icebreaker activities and fun games can help keep everything social and fun.

Whoever plans the engagement party should come up with several options for games and activities that can include everyone attending the party. These are important to help people feel comfortable together and begin the process of integrating as a family.

Any type of trivia game that includes facts from the bride’s and groom’s lives is a great way to find out more about each other. Not only can you ask questions that pertain to their lives together, such as where the proposal took place or how long they dated before he popped the question, but to their childhoods or more personal questions too. Guests can guess whether the facts tell about the bride or groom. Prizes can even be rewarded for the most correct answers.

One type of icebreaker popular at many events is done by taping a card or paper to the back of every guest at the party. They must go around the room and chat with at least five people, who are then told to write something complimentary about the person on the card. At the end of the party, it’s fun to read these observations aloud and guess who wrote each one.

A type of engagement party bingo can be prepared ahead of time if you know a lot about many of the guests coming. Create a chart or a list with facts about people in your family or circle of close friends. Each guest gets a chart and is instructed to mingle through the crowds trying to figure out which name goes with which fact. No direct asking allowed! It makes it more fun. This is more easily done with smaller groups.

More active games might suit younger crowds. Think of any classic party games and put a wedding-themed twist on it. Instead of hot potato, play toss the bouquet. Whoever is left with the bouquet is out, or has to say something great to the engaged couple. Charades are another great option, and one that people of any age or ability can get involved in. You can use the classic ‘anything goes’ when it comes to guessing, or keep things based on weddings, romance, married life or love. Romantic movies and songs are great possibilities as well.

Wedding or marriage themed games are always popular at engagement parties. After all, that is why all the guests have come together: to celebrate their loved one’s upcoming nuptials. Play men vs. women type games where each side offers advice about planning a wedding or being married successfully, and the others vote on how good the advice is. Tape two pieces of poster board on the wall with “Advice from Men” and “Advice from Women” at the top and ask people to jot down any tips or beliefs they have about happy married life during the party. These can become great keepsakes for the engaged couple, who will treasure the help and humor their family and friends shared. Keep everything light-hearted and focused on love and you will truly have an engagement party to remember for many years to come.


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