Before the wedding day arrives, a bride-to-be experiences another fun gathering with all of her female friends and family members. The bridal shower party puts the focus on the woman who will be wed and showers her with gifts, best wishes of good luck and tips on a healthy and happy marriage. While there are no rules about who throws the bridal shower, it is usually the woman's best friend or the maid of honor who will stand up with her at her wedding.

Alternately, other family members or even the mother of the bride can host the bridal shower party. This event should be scheduled on a Saturday if possible, as it is the most convenient day of the week for people to get there. Choose a weekend day a few weeks before the day she is to be married to her fiancé and invite everyone well in advance of it. While written invitations make things more formal and can become physical mementos all the guests can keep, it is acceptable etiquette to make a phone call or send an email invitation if the bridal shower will be a more casual event.

Not only should the party organizers plan a wonderful day for the new bride, but they should remember all the guests with bridal shower favors for all the women and girls who are likely to attend. You do not want anyone to feel left out. These shower favors, since they are all going to females, should be pretty and feminine. It is also a great idea to match them to the theme of the wedding itself and to use the same color scheme as the bride's bouquet and bridesmaids’ dresses. Some of popular options include personalized chocolate bars, scented candles or bath gels and wine stoppers or small statues. If the wedding will be on a beach with tropical flowers and seashells as decorations, a lovely bridal shower favor idea would be candles made in seashells.

While bridal showers are usually casual events, more formal versions could be held in a small ballroom or fancy restaurant. The majority take place in a friend or family member’s house or in a more casual restaurant. Get takeout food or bring a selection of appetizers and snacks. It is very rare to have a fully-catered bridal shower. The point is to hang out with your female friends and family members and celebrate the bride-to-be's upcoming marriage celebration.


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