Men who are about to be married have been having bachelor parties since the early in the 19th century. These events are stereotypically celebrations of debauchery with plenty of alcohol and sexy women, but have changed some in more recent years to reflect the groom's personal tastes in activities. Some men enjoy this last chance to party like a bachelor but other soon-to-be grooms plan a bachelor party with camping, sporting events and adventure activities instead. First of all, these activities can be more fun and will not leave the man with a headache before his wedding. Second, they are much less likely to get him in trouble with the woman he loves.

Many men enjoy the freedom and adventure of a camping trip with their best buddies before they settle down into married life. For rugged outdoors types, loading all your gear on your back and hiking into the wilderness is a thrill they may not get to enjoy on future family vacations. Even men who are not quite as athletic could consider a camping trip to a wilderness cabin where they can spend their time fishing, hiking and mostly hanging out with their friends and having a good time.

Nothing beats choice tickets to a sporting event for any man who follows a particular team. Your future bride may not enjoy going to baseball or football games with you, and the responsibilities of married life may not leave you with many free home weekends to do what you wish. Take this opportunity to watch a ballgame with your family and friends, but make it extra special by purchasing souvenirs or even getting a few autographs.

If watching sports is not your thing, consider getting active and participating in some sort of sporting activity. Be sure the event is accessible to all your guests. Your grandfather may not be able to get up and play touch football with you. Consider something more laid back like a round of golf. Any children who attend may like to try mini golf instead.

If the prospect of your imminent wedding is not scary enough, consider an adrenaline-packed day with some extreme sport or thrill activity. Marriage will always have ups and downs and rough patches, so you might want to prepare with some whitewater rafting or bungee jumping. Since these activities carry some risk of injury, schedule them well in advance of the wedding so the groom does not have to fit into his tuxedo with a cast. Also, these extreme sports are not suitable for either the young or old and for many men who don't enjoy being scared out of their wits. Consider having a two-part bachelor party: the afternoon for daredevils and an evening at the sports bar for more laid back friends.

Joint bachelor and bachelorette parties are becoming more popular these days. Without the exotic dancers and questionable behavior, it is possible for a bride and groom to enjoy this adventuresome time together before the more serious wedding ceremony takes place. Perhaps the groom and his buddies can go to a sporting event while the ladies have an afternoon at a spa before they come together in the evening to dance and have fun at a nightclub.

Keep everyone happy and out of trouble with these new ideas for bachelor parties. There is plenty of fun to be had without falling back on the old traditions of dancers and too much to drink.


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