No one wants to have a boring wedding reception at which guests just sit around looking tired and disinterested. Perhaps the reception doesn’t have a rocking DJ or live band, or maybe your family and friends really aren’t the type to get up and dance.

What can you do to make the party fun for everyone? Wedding reception games offer great opportunities to spice things up, get people engaged and help everyone get to know each other better. This is great for families who never met before too, especially so they can learn more about the bride and groom who are newly married.

One fun game involves making “Bride” and “Groom” placards for the guests to hold up and conducting a type of trivia game. Have the best man or a parent of one of the newly married people ask questions at the front of the room and the guests, or teams you create, can answer by holding up the signs. Questions can range from the general to the comically personal, but try not to embarrass anyone. Perhaps you can ask, “Who was born in Chicago?” or “Who broke their arm falling out of an apple tree when they were eight?” Little prizes like wedding favors can be handed out to make the contest even more interesting.

Shake the trivia game up a bit by letting family and friends call out the questions and let the bride and groom answer which one the question pertains to. Fun questions like “Who is the better driver?” and “Which one is the better cook?” can create hilarious reactions.

Another cute option for a game is to test how well the new bride and groom know each other. This can be done only with the compliance of the wedding party or friends and family who volunteer. Blindfold the bride or groom in turn and send them down a line of people to guess which is their new spouse by feel alone. Touching hands or another innocent part of the body is much better for this type of game. Introduce some comedy by including the best man in the line of bridesmaids to give the groom a little surprise as he feels his way along.

Keep the blindfold on for another fun game the bride and groom can play to entertain their guests. Consider a game of “Feed Me!” in which the blindfolded person attempts to get a bit of food into the mouth of the other guided by his or her words alone. Avoid using very messy food, as no bride will want her perfectly made up face to be smeared with dip or sauces to drip onto her beautiful wedding gown. Once the groom, for example, has fed his new bride, turn the tables and let the bride feed the groom.

These kinds of blindfolded games can be enjoyed by the other guests at the wedding reception as well. The groom could feed his new wife’s mother while the bride feeds her new father-in-law or other members of the family.

Even if you are having dancing at your wedding reception, it is a great idea to come up with some fun games people can play while sitting down and relaxing. Come up with ideas that not only get the guests involved with the bride and groom, but each other as well. Anything that helps the families blend together and have a great time is perfect for wedding reception games you can do while sitting down together.


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