A wedding reception combines two families and two separate circles of friends who may not yet know each other. The bride and groom want more than anything for the people they care about to get along and have fun together. Live music, played by a skilled band, will do much to break the ice and get people talking and enjoying themselves. All the happiness for the new married couple and the atmosphere of romance and celebration combine to create a high level of energy in the reception hall. A great way to express this is by playing amazing music that encourages romantic slow dances and a lot of fun activity.

A quality band will lead your party and get everyone up on their feet and having a good time. You don't need rocking dance music to get everyone excited. Whether you play golden oldies, big band swing music or country tunes, the live band can augment the sense of fun for everyone at the reception.

The last thing a bride and groom wants at their wedding reception is a band that appears bored or tired. After hiring them, make sure they know exactly how and when to get to the wedding reception venue. Give them plenty of time to set up so they are not rushed. If they accidentally forget something or if something breaks, they need a chance to go get the replacement or fix it. Larger bands require more space and more time to set up. It is a great idea to meet with them in the wedding venue before your big day and see which section of the room works best for them.

Setting up and performing for a wedding celebration takes a lot of energy out of the band members. Provide them with a comfortable seating area to take breaks between sets. In most cases, the family or wedded couple would not want the band intermingling with them during the party. Most venues should have a behind-the-scenes room where they can relax before coming back to play more music. Also provide some snacks or sandwiches and beverages for the band so they can keep their energy levels high.

The style of music you choose for your wedding reception depends mostly on personal tastes and what you think will create the best atmosphere. Old fashioned swing jazz, such as Frank Sinatra, can create an ambience of elegance and style. Romantic R and B music can get everyone swaying together to its smooth sound. Consider playing a mix of music so people of all ages and tastes can listen to something they really love.


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