The day before the wedding ceremony and reception, most engaged couples host a wedding rehearsal dinner for their immediate family and friends. These are often given at restaurants but can be catered affairs as well. To keep things light and stress free, consider organizing a few fun games that can help everyone get to know each other better.

Even a sit down meal at a restaurant can include games. So much planning and stressful experiences have happened on the way to the wedding day. This wedding rehearsal dinner can bring an end to all the headaches and clear your mind for pure enjoyment of the big celebration to come. The wedding party, family and friends will really love this opportunity to kick back, relax a bit and enjoy themselves. These games encourage everyone to get to know each other and start working together as a new blended family.

The type of games you can play at a wedding rehearsal dinner depends largely on the venue, whether it is in a bustling public restaurant or a private room, and what kinds of things the people who attend enjoy. Private rooms are much better if you want to play any type of action game that includes standing up and moving around. Consider some of the classic children's party games and update them to be themed for the wedding. One option could be "Pin the Veil on the Bride" where guests spin around blindfolded and attempt to pin a small veil on a poster of a bride. You could even buy a piñata to break in the shape of a wedding bell or a tiered cake. Do not use a heart shape as a piñata, as the bride and groom definitely do not want the image of a broken heart before their wedding.

Other party games can also provide fun and entertainment. Charades is a classic, but consider focusing all the clues on the bride’s and groom’s lives and wedding preparations. This will not only keep everyone focused on the special reason for the event, but can help in-laws learn more about their new family members.

If you do not have a private room and must maintain some decorum at a restaurant table, you can still play games at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Instead of charades about weddings, consider bride and groom trivia or 20 questions. You can also play icebreaker games where the guests must figure out who is referenced on a secret clue card or fill in a chart prepared with unique facts about others in the room.

Many more options are available if you hold the wedding rehearsal dinner in someone's home. Consider a very casual affair with takeout food and snacks and spend the evening playing different board games. More active families can go outside and play touch football or basketball together or even go to a special park for a paintball tournament or rock climbing.

Unique wedding themed games can be played outside as well. Buy a bunch of large sized dresses from a thrift shop, make up some simple veils with scrap cloth and get some costume jewelry for a musical dress up game. Contestants must run a back and forth relay race and put on the dress the jewelry or high heeled shoes at each turn. This is especially hilarious when the groom and best man and up dressed as brides.


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