Your wedding gown made your look like a fairy princess, the exchange of vows and the reception afterward went off without the one problem, but none of this will matter much if you get wedding photographs that turn out to be a disaster. Consider the following tips to make sure that the preservation of your memories on your special wedding day will turn out just as beautifully as your dreams.

Quality wedding photographers can cost quite a bit of money. While it is prudent to shop around for discount packages or special deals, never hire a professional photographer who does not have proof of the quality of his work. These photographs are the things you will look at for many years to come and will also be cherished by your children and grandchildren.

Keep your look simple and elegant, especially when it comes to your hairdo, headpiece and veil. Complicated hairstyles can shift over time or be damaged by the wind and everybody hugging you after the ceremony is over. Very heavy veils can slip and shift or obscure some of your beauty. You want the photographs taken of you at the end of the day to be just as beautiful as those taken at the beginning, so be sure your hair and veil can hold up to the conditions without becoming messy or unkempt.

Keep a small bag with basic makeup supplies handy for quick touch ups during the reception. Some oil-blotting paper, pressed powder and fresh lipstick applied every hour or so can help you stayed looking your best. This bag can easily be set on your chair or near your dinner table when you get up to mingle or dance.

Always use waterproof mascara and other makeup as you may cry a lot and people will be kissing your cheeks frequently throughout the day. Also avoid heavy eye shadows, especially those created with pressed powder. Cream-based eye shadows have more staying power. The last thing you want is for your eye makeup to smudge or run and make you look like a raccoon.

Bridal makeup should be professionally applied so that you look your best in a natural fashion. Very heavy makeup with bright colors or glitter will show up as gaudy in many photographs, especially those that use a flash. Unless your normal practice is to use a lot of heavy makeup, stick to more natural brown tones and pretty pinks.

The best way to get the freshest and most beautiful photographs is to take all the portrait shots directly after the wedding ceremony. Everyone will still look their best and will allow you to let your hair down a bit more at the reception without worrying about staying very neat. This will be better for the attendants, family and friends as well, as they may not look their best by the end of the reception.

Professional photographers will have many ideas about what makes the most beautiful pictures. Be sure to get a few black and white shots as they have a very romantic and vintage feel. Outdoor photographs in areas of soft lighting are another option to capture the pitch true beauty of your wedding day.


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