Couples spend a large percentage of their wedding budget on photography. These printed or digital memories are intended to last your whole life through so you can look back and relive that most romantic day of your lives. It is vital to preserve these photographs in such a way that they will last forever. Not only do you want to look at them on your 10th, 20th and even 50th wedding anniversaries, but your children and grandchildren will want to view them as well.

The easiest and least costly method for preserving wedding photographs is by storing them digitally on discs or memory cards. They can also be kept in cloud storage on the internet. Many wedding photographers use digital photography these days, but even if they create prints they can scan them into digital format so they are easier to preserve. Professional photo services often include these tasks as part of a wedding package. In fact, it is so omnipresent in the photography field today, that if a photographer does not offer it you should probably consider hiring a different one.

For print photographs, the best way to ensure they are preserved for a long time is to have them printed on acid-free, quality photo paper with high-grade ink. The album they are stored in is just as important to their longevity. Choose acid-free mounting paper, pages and cover, to avoid discoloration in the photographs over time.

How you store your wedding photographs also determines how long they will survive in good shape. Photo albums should ideally be laid flat on a strong surface rather than stood upright, as this can encourage bending and warping of the pages after a time. Keep all wedding photographs in a cool and dry location and never expose them to extended periods of direct sunlight. Attics and basements are much worse than a temperature controlled, internal closet. Even if a photograph is hung in a frame on the wall, do not locate it where sunlight streams in a window or near a high powered incandescent light.

Not only do you not want to have wasted all the money you spent on your wedding photographs, but they are such an important part of your memories from that very special day. Be sure to preserve them and protect your investment so they can bring you joy for many years to come.


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