When your wedding is over and you have sent thank you cards for all the gifts, it is time to put away the trappings of your special day and settle into your new home together as a married couple. During the wedding ceremony and afterward at the reception, the photographer, family and friends had taken hundreds of beautiful photographs that you want to preserve forever. It can be a difficult job to select the pictures you most want to keep and to preserve the rest of them in a safe way so your memories will never be damaged.

In the bustle of setting up a new household and enjoying those newlywed days together, it may seem easier to shove all the photographs into a shoebox and slide them into a closet. While this is not the ideal way to store them, it will keep them relatively safe for some period of time. However, you will not be able to enjoy the pictures or show them off to friends and family.

Our digital age can rescue the fate of those forgotten wedding pictures. Most professional photographers and personal digital cameras allow you to receive all your wedding photographs electronically through e-mail or on a memory disk. Once you have them uploaded to your computer the process of organizing, storing and sharing them with your loved ones becomes simple.

First, organize your virtual album with different folders on your computer. Inside the largest wedding folder, you may have subfolders that cover the church, family portrait shots, the reception and the time when you leave for your honeymoon. In each of these folders you can easily choose the pictures that you think would be ideal to get printed in different sizes for display in your house or a physical photo album. To share all of the images you have of your special day, consider forming an online album that can easily be shared with family and friends.

Virtual albums of wedding photographs serve many purposes:

  1. They can be a way to share your happiness and gratitude with friends and family.
  2. Keep in touch with distant relatives and friends and let them experience some of the joy of your special day even if they could not be there with you.
  3. Create a gift for bridesmaids, groomsmen and other special people by personalizing a digital album disk with captions and sentiments specifically written to thank them for their help.
  4. Save money on duplicate photographs by sharing your virtual album electronically through e-mail or by posting it on a family web site or blogs, or copying the link onto a social media site.

Find the best online photo album website online:

If you do not have the software or the knowledge necessary to create your own virtual photo album or slide show and post it on a website yourself, there are user-friendly album sites that can lead you through the process step by step. They usually provide enough storage for many wedding photographs for free, but the largest albums or specialty templates and accents may cost you money. Of course, you can post your album on your own blogs or in a popular photo sharing site.


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