The days of setting up a large screen in your living room and watching a slide show of your memories is long gone. These days digital photography can be used to capture memories of your wedding or others special occasion and creates a DVD slide show that can be shown easily on your television. Creating a montage of your still photographs and putting them together in a beautifully organized digital presentation has become one of the most common ways to save your all-important wedding photographs.

No special equipment is needed to create a modern slide show. All you need it is the photographs on a memory card or in your computer and a DVD burner. Even if you do not have this equipment, any professional photographer you hire to document your wedding will have it and can include a digital slide show as part of his product line. To share your wedding pictures with family and friends, you do not need to carry around a projector, screen or any other cumbersome objects. All of you need to do is slip the DVD into your pocket and be on your way.

Many software programs for both professional-grade applications and personal, at-home use can be found for low cost. Most Windows-based computers come standard with movie maker software that can create attractive slide shows easily. These photo and video collections are perfect for wedding receptions, anniversary parties and any other special event you want to remember forever. These collections are called either digital slide shows or photo montages.

There are many reasons to create a digital slide show when you are getting ready to be married. Consider creating one all about the young life of the bride to show at her bridal shower. You may want to make a slideshow of digital photos that show the bride and groom's family members so everyone can be introduced even if they are not in the same room. Of course, the wedding ceremony and reception offers many opportunities to capture beautiful photographs that can be put together into a montage.

These digital slide shows not only make a wonderful way to keep ahold of your memories forever, but can also be the perfect gift for family members and friends who shared the day with you. This is especially true for people who were unable to make it to your wedding, such as distant relatives or people in poor health. The grandparents would love to have a movie they can watch on their TV that shows their favorite grandchild getting married.

The applications for modern DVD slide shows and photo montages are virtually endless. Not only can you put all your digital photographs in one convenient package, you can add captions, voiceover comments, video clips and other accents and templates to the project.


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