The wedding day arrives and everything needs to be as close to perfect as possible for the bride and groom. A theme has been chosen and decorations for church and reception hall have been ordered to match the color scheme. Fragrant flowers grace the tables and a frosted wedding cake waits on an elegant table for the new husband and wife to cut the first slice. This is the time when all their hard work and preparation pay off and they are ready to celebrate the union of love with friends and family surrounding them.

Every wedding combines the old with the new to create memories a couple can cherish their whole lives through. From the vows they make to each other to the special song for the first dance as husband and wife, a marriage ceremony and reception is planned to focus on these two special people and their combined happiness. As the photographer snaps pictures for their wedding photo albums, they mingle with friends and family, enjoy the music and ambience and then forget it all as they gaze into each other’s eyes.



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